Flex Couplers

Replacement Flex Couplers for Vintage Oakley X Metal Sunglasses

Some of Oakley's vintage line of X Metal titanium sunglasses utilize uniquely shaped shock absorbers called flex couplers.  Nose bridge pins are installed through the flex coupler, creating a three-point fit of shock absorption.  These parts commonly deteriorate and render your glasses loose and unwearable.  Some simple trimming of the product may be required for fitting.  Fits X Metal frames like Juliet, XX, Penny, Romeo 2 & Mars.

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    Flex Couplers Flex Couplers

    Flex Couplers

    Replacement Nose Bridge Shock Absorber Flex Couplers Fits: Juliet, XX, X-Squared, Penny, Romeo 2 & Mars X Metal • New and Exclusive Design for Tighter Fit.• Full Rubber Jacket 360° Wrap-Around Fit and Function.• Industrial Grade...

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