How to Install Temple Washers

How to Install Temple Washers

Posted by OXM.PARTS on 21st Jan 2021

Dissolved temple washers causing your ear stems to be floppy and uncomfortable?  Tighten your X Metal temple hinges up with OXM.PARTS tight fit temple washers & temple hinge screws.

Helpful Tools:

• T6 Torx Screwdriver
• 2mm Slotted Screwdriver
• Wooden Toothpick
• Bottle of Gel Hand Sanitizer (Purell)
• Needle Nose Tweezers


Insert 2mm slotted screwdriver into ear temple slot and CAREFULLY turn clockwise to gently open the hinge slot in to position.



Apply gel hand sanitizer solution to top and bottom sides of the hinge.  This helps keep the washers in position, and will evaporate quickly without damaging or leaving marks on your frame, the screw or the washers.  Apply the washers to the top & bottom (one washer per side).


Carefully insert the ear stem & washers in to the temple opening.  Insert the wooden toothpick in to the hole to align washers & stem.  Ensure the washers are lined up.


Twist the flathead screwdriver tool to release the temple gap.  Use the tooth pick to align the washers to position where you can remove the toothpick and hold the assembly with your fingers.  With the holes aligned, insert the screw in to the hole catching threads.


Carefully tighten the screw using direct downward pressure and tension in your turns so as not to strip the screw.  Before tightening, ensure the screw is aligned straight so as not to cross-thread.  Tighten down to friction preference of the hinge closure function.