About Us

foto-no-exif.jpgMeet Chris, Owner Operator of OXM.PARTS specializing in supporting the Oakley X Metal vintage line of titanium sculpted wearable art sunglasses.

Chris purchased his first X Metal in 2000, a Plasma & Ice Iridium Juliet Second Generation.  He acquired his current personal daily wear pair of XX X Metal Tio 2 First Generation XT014057 in 2006 (seen in the photo).  Chris currently wears custom cut Prizm Sapphire Polarized lenses in his frames.

Manufactured from 1997 to 2012, these five-piece, twenty-five parts titanium sunglasses are the epitome of extreme design and engineering. Uncomfortable rigidity is eliminated by surrounding the lenses with a titanium shell featuring flexible joints that adjust and stick to one's face as they wear them. Today X Metal sunglasses have a cult following of loyalists, collectors & craftsmen who support and continue to carry on the legacy that is Oakley X Metal forever.


With time and use, these glasses have integral rubber & metal parts that wear out and need replacing just as a rubber belt on an automobile would need replacing.

OXM.PARTS Mission Statement:

• Preserve X Metal by raising awareness to younger generations.
• Manufacture American-made direct fit replacement parts.
• Execute consistent high-quality repairs with low risk for damage.
• Offer extreme custom designs with rare and exotic combinations.
• Restore vintage 'beater' frames to be like-new and ready to wear.
• Provide personalized customer service to each individual.

With current vintage secondary market prices varying from $200-$1000+ Oakley X Metal is "Purpose Beyond Reason" -- the last pair of sunglasses you will ever buy.

OXM.PARTS is a Limited Liability Company centered in the heart of the United States Springfield, Missouri.

mars.jpgBrad Pitt as seen in Fight Club movie wearing Oakley Mars Crater Leather X Metal sunglasses.