How to Trim Flex Couplers

How to Trim Flex Couplers

Posted by OXM.PARTS on 23rd Jan 2021

This part is designed to fit all models, colors & generations of Oakley® X Metal® sunglasses. Due to the metal casting process, there is a wide sizing difference between years and models of X Metal sunglasses, up to 1.5mm in some places.

Some basic alterations to the Flex Coupler may be needed for proper fitment and pin alignment.

The most common trim for small frames is on the closed end, about halfway through the "F" marking but not beyond the flags of the "F" (see photos). Some larger X Metal frames require no trimming at all. (fit first, then cut).

1) Clean the bridge cavity thoroughly to ensure it is free from ALL debris before installation.

2) The pins need a completely clear and straight path of insertion else risk damage to the thin areas of the bridge.

3) The Flex Couplers should fit snugly in to the cavity for maximum shock absorption.

4) Use scissors or a sharp cutting tool as needed to size to your unique frame.

5) Some larger frames require no trim at all -- measure twice cut once!


Use hand sanitizer GEL (must be gel) solution (Purell brand is my fav) for lubrication when installing the flex coupler parts. This will evaporate and won't harm the rubber or metal. Large nail clippers or nippers work well to trim small bits off the ends to custom-fit each one for your own X Metal frame. A small metal file is handy for shaving off fine bits of rubber for a perfect fit to your frame.

(!) No modification of the frame is required to repair them.
(!) Modify the coupler gasket or pin parts, never modify your frame holes!
(!) Make sure bridge cavity is clean and free of debris.
(!) If frame and pin are properly aligned, pressing requires only a little force.
(!) Do not apply too much force when installing pins!

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