• Hinge & Lens Tool Hinge & Lens Tool

    Hinge & Lens Tool

    Lens & Hinge Screwdriver Tool for Oakley X Metal Sunglasses Juliet, XX, Penny, X-Squared, Half-X, Mars, Romeo 1 & 2 • One Screwdriver Tool• Oakley X Metal sunglasses frames utilize screws which require this special tool for adjustments...

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  • Half-X Screw Half-X Screw

    Half-X Screw

    Replacement Screw for Oakley Half-X X Metal Sunglasses Fits: Half-X frames only • One Screw (1 Screw).• Half-X frames utilize four of these screws for both the hinge & the lens joints.• Crafted with pride in USA from high quality,...

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